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Unshrugged: Floral Street Art of Lewis Miller

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Unshrugged: Floral Street Art of Lewis Miller

Lewis Miller, the Banksy of floral street art, dazzles Gotham City once again. Our correspondent in NYC was taking a stroll around St. Patrick’s Cathedral when she spotted Miller’s recent addition to his Flower Flash series.

And yet we thought Atlas had enough on his shoulders already. However, the boa constrictor of a flower lei on his shoulders and along his muscular frame down to the base of the pedestal, does seem to help lighten the load with all its multicolored splendor like some cosmic illuminating force. He certainly owns it, and wears it like a trophy the champ he is. Atlas: 1, Zeus: 0.

Flower Flash by Lewis Miller Design

published on June 13, 2019.
Photos Courtesy of Dr. Rafaela Khan.

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