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Edible, but is it Nutritious?

Edible Flowers from a garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One way to prevent your wilting flowers from going to waste is to eat them. Yes, eat the flowers. Our sources in Thailand inform us that Dianthus (see above photo) and Verbena flowers are edible, “but”, she says, “only the petals are edible”. So naturally, we wonder “is it nutritious?”. One duckduckgo search later and …


From Wildfire to Wildflower

California Poppy

Photograph by Milos Tonchevski. The super bloom is not a recent phenomenon. According to early Spanish explorers along the California coast, Native Americans would burn grassy fields in the wild, and then some time after, wildflowers would emerge from the burnt out areas. We know some plants to be more fire tolerant than others, but …