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Gerry Toh: My passion is design

Featured Floral Designer: Gerry Toh, AIFD, CFD, CCF. Based in Mississipi, Gerry Toh has held numerous leaderships roles in the floral design community.

Which is more important when you are designing with flowers: the flowers or the design? Here’s one good answer: let it depend on what most stimulates your creativity—whether in the moment of making something with flowers, or over the course of a wide-ranging career. “For me, the main word is passion,” says Gerry Toh—educator, visual …


Finding Flowers in Music: Bach and Flowers

J.S. Johann Sebastian Bach (an Aries) was born twelve days after the spring equinox in 1685. Johann means “God is Merciful”. And, Sebastian is a reference to Saint Sebastian who died a martyr at the behest of Emperor Diocletian (a Capricorn). Saint Sebastian Diocletian’s original name was Diocles, which means “Glory to God”. Considering his …

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Unshrugged: Floral Street Art of Lewis Miller

Lewis Miller, the Banksy of floral street art, dazzles Gotham City once again. Our correspondent in NYC was taking a stroll around St. Patrick’s Cathedral when she spotted Miller’s recent addition to his Flower Flash series. And yet we thought Atlas had enough on his shoulders already. However, the boa constrictor of a flower lei …


The Wild Bunch

Wildflowers as Wedding Flowers, Floral Inspiration

Wildflower bouquets make the most romantic wedding flowers. Wedding flowers do not need to be expensive or packed with roses. The best flower bouquets are always relaxed and natural looking. Some of the best flowers & greenery for hand-tied garden wildflower bouquets are Yellow Solidago, Blue Indigo, White Daisies, Ranunculus (peach, orange), Feverfew (tiny daisies), …


Man, Fashion and Flowers: Reviving Floral Masculinity

“A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature.”–Oscar Wilde. When’s the last time you’ve seen a well-dressed man walking down the street sporting a flower—a boutonnière—in the buttonhole of his lapel? Chances are, you simply haven’t, except for maybe at a wedding or some other exceedingly formal occasion. In fact, you’re …


Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Roses, Over The Rainbow | Bloomsday Review

The first time you saw Rainbow Roses—or mums or carnations, similarly tinted—did you do a double-take? You can tell by the texture of the petals that the flowers are real and have not been spray-painted. But how do they get all those vivid colors (usually four but sometimes even more) into one flower? The answer …