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Gardenias: Soothing Kiddos on the Spectrum


Gardenias: Soothing Kiddos on the Spectrum


Aww, soothing the mind. Imagine this: the scent of gardenias. What is more tranquil than inhaling this sweet floral, silky aroma?

Nothing! And kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder will agree. I have been working with kiddos on all different levels of the spectrum for over a year now. It is no surprise that one remedy to soothe an angry client is the scent of gardenias.

As a client becomes agitated, the one thing that has worked time and time again is rubbing gardenia oil on a client’s temples and beneath their nose. Applying 1 to 3 drops of gardenia oil for a client and encouraging them to engage in breathing exercises is a soothing remedy to relax various personality types.

Maybe this works because the whiff of gardenias allows them to imagine a perfect world filled with flowers or simply because of the gardenia’s intoxicating perfume. Any which way, see it for yourself and add it to one of the plant-iful ways you cope with everyday stressors!

published on November 1, 2019.
Main Image photo (top): Gardenia jasminoides in single-petaled form. Source: Bastus917.

About Author

YESENIA ARIAS is a behavioral therapist for children with autism. She also helps manage a lab studying the dynamic between culture, relationships, and health. Yesenia is an undergraduate at UC Irvine concentrating in Psychological and Biological Sciences.