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Orchid gazing in Chiang Mai

“I don’t buy my wife flowers. She just likes photos of flowers. Saves me money.” – overheard in a greenhouse filled with orchids in Chiang Mai, Thailand. published on December 21, 2019. Photos courtesy of Kristina Anderson.


Flowers in Saa Paper Crafts

Mulberry Paper, Flowers in Saa Paper Crafts | Bloomsday Review

Recently in Thailand on June 21 to 23, the village of Ton Pao, located in Chiang Mai province, held a festival called “Amazing Lanna Saa Paper Festival” promoting local handmade paper production and handicrafts. Our correspondent in Thailand, with camera in tow, braved the sweltering heat to attend the festival in search of handicrafts made …

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Unshrugged: Floral Street Art of Lewis Miller

Lewis Miller, the Banksy of floral street art, dazzles Gotham City once again. Our correspondent in NYC was taking a stroll around St. Patrick’s Cathedral when she spotted Miller’s recent addition to his Flower Flash series. And yet we thought Atlas had enough on his shoulders already. However, the boa constrictor of a flower lei …