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Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity

Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity by Yesenia Arias

Working with kiddos on the spectrum is a challenge in itself, and figuring out their interpretation of things is a must on the job. A way to understand their perception of the world is to encourage them to draw- what better things to draw than flowers? Drawing is often a mindless activity, one that we …


The Fleur-de-lis, Chivalry, and the Gothic Revival

You have, no doubt, seen a peculiar floral symbol in all manner of places with no apparent explanation or context. It graces the high and the low alike, from the heraldic crests of Europe’s ancient families and Old-World castles of immense wealth and opulence to the humble kitchen wallpaper. I’m speaking about the fleur-de-lis, otherwise …


Finding Flowers in Music: Bach and Flowers

J.S. Johann Sebastian Bach (an Aries) was born twelve days after the spring equinox in 1685. Johann means “God is Merciful”. And, Sebastian is a reference to Saint Sebastian who died a martyr at the behest of Emperor Diocletian (a Capricorn). Saint Sebastian Diocletian’s original name was Diocles, which means “Glory to God”. Considering his …


Man, Fashion and Flowers: Reviving Floral Masculinity

“A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature.”–Oscar Wilde. When’s the last time you’ve seen a well-dressed man walking down the street sporting a flower—a boutonnière—in the buttonhole of his lapel? Chances are, you simply haven’t, except for maybe at a wedding or some other exceedingly formal occasion. In fact, you’re …