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Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity

Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity by Yesenia Arias

Working with kiddos on the spectrum is a challenge in itself, and figuring out their interpretation of things is a must on the job. A way to understand their perception of the world is to encourage them to draw- what better things to draw than flowers? Drawing is often a mindless activity, one that we …


Gardenias: Soothing Kiddos on the Spectrum


Aww, soothing the mind. Imagine this: the scent of gardenias. What is more tranquil than inhaling this sweet floral, silky aroma? Nothing! And kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder will agree. I have been working with kiddos on all different levels of the spectrum for over a year now. It is no surprise that one remedy …