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Foraged Flowers: Trend and Tradition

In their expressive beauty, flowers connect us to the natural world. But let’s take that idea a step further. Flowers that appear naturally in a particular place, at a particular season, can help us make a connection to that place and time; the same is true for leaves, seedpods, and branches. Collecting botanicals directly from …


Can flower farms help save the bees?

What is the reason for flowers? Why do they exist, in all their beauty, color, and fragrance? Poets and philosophers could give us many reasons. But science offers a concrete, definitive answer: flowers evolved in order to attract pollinators—mainly insects, including bees. Yes, flowers and bees go way back. Flowers provide bees with nectar, and …

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Gerry Toh: My passion is design

Featured Floral Designer: Gerry Toh, AIFD, CFD, CCF. Based in Mississipi, Gerry Toh has held numerous leaderships roles in the floral design community.

Which is more important when you are designing with flowers: the flowers or the design? Here’s one good answer: let it depend on what most stimulates your creativity—whether in the moment of making something with flowers, or over the course of a wide-ranging career. “For me, the main word is passion,” says Gerry Toh—educator, visual …


Over the Rainbow

Rainbow Roses, Over The Rainbow | Bloomsday Review

The first time you saw Rainbow Roses—or mums or carnations, similarly tinted—did you do a double-take? You can tell by the texture of the petals that the flowers are real and have not been spray-painted. But how do they get all those vivid colors (usually four but sometimes even more) into one flower? The answer …