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The Sunflowers


The boy saw hundreds of miles of hills lined with sunflowers: long, green stems topped with magnificent golden limbs and bold, deep brown faces that stretched upwards to meet the sun’s light. He pressed his fingers against the thick pane of glass that separated himself from the world beyond and sighed defeatedly as he ran …


Journey of the Daffodil

Yellow Daffodils

I was born from a man enamored with his reflection, who, when looking into the clear, translucent water of a pond, fell in and drowned. A nymph had loved him, her soul the soft Echo of sweetness. Yet in his pride he rebuffed her affections. Revenge befell him, and in turn he, too, fell. My …


Rose Garden

Rose Flowers displayed at Di Bosco Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The trees sighed a silent warning, and the leaves rustled in alarm. A man approached a garden which did not belong to him. His gait was steady, smooth, nonchalant. Upon his face danced a predatory smirk, and his eyes were colder than the frigid winter air. It had not snowed yet, despite it being late …