The Sunflowers


The boy saw hundreds of miles of hills lined with sunflowers: long, green stems topped with magnificent golden limbs and bold, deep brown faces that stretched upwards to meet the sun’s light. He pressed his fingers against the thick pane of glass that separated himself from the world beyond and sighed defeatedly as he ran …


Journey of the Daffodil

Yellow Daffodils

I was born from a man enamored with his reflection, who, when looking into the clear, translucent water of a pond, fell in and drowned. A nymph had loved him, her soul the soft Echo of sweetness. Yet in his pride he rebuffed her affections. Revenge befell him, and in turn he, too, fell. My …


Cooking with Flowers: Rose Petal Sauce

Hi everyone, This is Essa- Bloomsday Review’s resident foodboy here. This is going to be something different, so I think I should be a lot more personal than I tend to be with my writing. If you’ve read my previous article about Persian Ice Cream, you may know that I have an interest in how …


Rose Garden

Rose Flowers displayed at Di Bosco Cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The trees sighed a silent warning, and the leaves rustled in alarm. A man approached a garden which did not belong to him. His gait was steady, smooth, nonchalant. Upon his face danced a predatory smirk, and his eyes were colder than the frigid winter air. It had not snowed yet, despite it being late …


Orchid gazing in Chiang Mai

“I don’t buy my wife flowers. She just likes photos of flowers. Saves me money.” – overheard in a greenhouse filled with orchids in Chiang Mai, Thailand. published on December 21, 2019. Photos courtesy of Kristina Anderson.

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Foraged Flowers: Trend and Tradition

In their expressive beauty, flowers connect us to the natural world. But let’s take that idea a step further. Flowers that appear naturally in a particular place, at a particular season, can help us make a connection to that place and time; the same is true for leaves, seedpods, and branches. Collecting botanicals directly from …


Can flower farms help save the bees?

What is the reason for flowers? Why do they exist, in all their beauty, color, and fragrance? Poets and philosophers could give us many reasons. But science offers a concrete, definitive answer: flowers evolved in order to attract pollinators—mainly insects, including bees. Yes, flowers and bees go way back. Flowers provide bees with nectar, and …


Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity

Drawing Flowers: An Insightful Activity by Yesenia Arias

Working with kiddos on the spectrum is a challenge in itself, and figuring out their interpretation of things is a must on the job. A way to understand their perception of the world is to encourage them to draw- what better things to draw than flowers? Drawing is often a mindless activity, one that we …


Gardenias: Soothing Kiddos on the Spectrum


Aww, soothing the mind. Imagine this: the scent of gardenias. What is more tranquil than inhaling this sweet floral, silky aroma? Nothing! And kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder will agree. I have been working with kiddos on all different levels of the spectrum for over a year now. It is no surprise that one remedy …