• Unsolicited Advice, Episode 4

    The letter that "may have" inspired Jeremy and Stivi to launch this podcast show takes the center stage today. Written by "Jealous in Wisconsin" and originally sent to a popular online advice column, ...

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    Unsolicited Advice, Episode 4
  • Unsolicited Advice, Episode 3

    Jeremy and Stivi are back with another episode and today, we're putting the spotlight on Heartbroken Wife. She is in her mid-30s, wife is in early 40s. They met two years ago, got married a year ago. ...

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    Unsolicited Advice, Episode 3
  • Unsolicited Advice, Episode 2

    Is age difference really a complicating factor when it comes to relationships? Today's letter-sender is nicknamed "Found Mr. Wonderful."  She is 63, he is 42. They met online, have a good relationship ...

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    Unsolicited Advice, Episode 2
  • Unsolicited Advice, Episode 1

    On today's episode, we're pulling up a letter from the internet that "Guilt-Ridden Boyfriend" sent to a popular personality who is known for giving advice on how to deal with life situations. However, ...

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    Unsolicited Advice, Episode 1

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